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Renewable Energy

The world generates 250M tons of garbage each day. WasteFuel will structure, promote, and develop waste to biofuel production projects leveraging proven technology to reduce waste, create positive social and environmental impact and generate revenue.

The world needs to take immediate steps to reduce consumption of pollutive energy sources and to address both the long-term impacts of climate change and to protect our waterways, air quality, and public health in the near-term. Solar and wind energy has proven to be a clean, safe energy choice for the United States. Seminole is helping lead this energy revolution by developing a leading direct lending renewables practice for U.S. solar and wind projects.

Seminole Overview

Green Commercial Real Estate

The commercial and residential building sector accounts for 39% of carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. each year - more than any other sector. The Rising Impact Fund offers investors a clear, measurable way to reduce carbon emissions through high quality commercial real estate investments. Colony Capital has committed to be the cornerstone investor.


Workforce Housing

Many cities, particularly in the Bay Area, are becoming increasingly unaffordable for most of the workforce. Those who serve the public (e.g. teachers, law enforcement, civil servants) are simply unable to afford to live in these cities. This platform will grow the quantity and quality of workforce housing at scale and generate competitive returns. 

Gender Equality

BRAVA invests in high-growth businesses that produce top-tier returns and have a measurable, economic benefit for women. BRAVA aims to shift gender-lens investing beyond only investing in companies with female founders to focus on companies that economically benefit women, at scale.


Family offices control $4 trillion globally. Family Impact is a digital media, live events and professional development company focused on the long-term positive social impact a family can have through its business, investments and legacy.


The digital advertising market in the U.S. is $72.9 billion, yet advertisers are facing a continuous decrease in consumer views and engagement. Ampathy is reinventing this market by allowing consumers to trigger a charitable donation simply by viewing online advertising content. Ampathy connects content, brands, social issues, and the consumer.

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