Tiffine Wang

Tiffine Wang is a Partner at MS&AD Ventures, an early stage global fund focused on investing in emerging technologies including Fintech, Insurtech, Sustainability, Digital Health, AI/Big Data, and Enterprise/Cybersecurity. She’s passionate about investing in big market bets with positive impact on humanity and brings a wealth of global experience (US, Singapore/South East Asia, Australia, Israel, Europe, Latin America, Middle East).

She previously spent 5 years with Singtel Group, working on investments and strategic partnerships, bridging new technologies from North America to South East Asia and Australia. She held positions in various global accelerator programs including AngelHack, European Innovation Academy (Portugal, Qatar, Italy, France, China) and Alchemist Accelerator. Prior to moving into tech/venture, she worked in Economic & Workforce Development. She serves as an Industry Fellow for the Center of Entrepreneurship and Technology (CET) at the University of California, Berkeley and sits on the Advisory Board of UC Santa Cruz’s Center for Analytical Finance.

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