Rochelle Gunn

Rochelle Gunn is the chief investment officer of HRK Group, Inc. (HRK), a single-family office in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  HRK provides integrated financial services to 19 fourth through sixth generation family members.  Rochelle is responsible for setting the strategic asset allocation for two global investment portfolio and execution of all investment activities to meet the long-term goals for the current and future beneficiaries of the family’s wealth. Rochelle has led the family’s adoption of ESG and sustainability-themed investment strategies and has worked to promote the adoption and expansion of the ESG/impact investing field.

Prior to joining HRK in 2008 Rochelle served as portfolio manager at Waycrosse, Inc. a single-family office in Wayzata, Minnesota. At Waycrosse she was responsible for managing the global fixed income and global active equities portfolios. 

Rochelle is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics.

Rochelle is Co-Chair of the i(x) Board of Directors. 

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