Statement from Trevor Neilson, Co-founder and CEO of i(x) investments, about Extinction Rebellion Protests in London Targeting Finance Companies

April 25, 2019

Extinction Rebellion protests in the banking district of London.

The Extinction Rebellion protests today in London targeting Goldman Sachs, the UK Treasury, the Bank of England, Deutsche Bank and other institutions are a wake-up call for the global finance community.

Climate change is an emergency and investing in fossil fuels accelerates the emergency and increases the global risk associated with carbon emissions.

Scientists agree that the next 10 years in the fight against global climate change will determine whether we can stop it or whether it will consume us.

Now is the time for family offices and institutional investors, including foundations, pensions and endowments, and retail investors, to stop investing in fossil fuels – which are largely dependent upon massive taxpayer-funded subsidies – and instead direct their investments toward renewable energy, a sector that offers more attractive returns.

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