Friday Finance Roundup

September 24, 2018

On Friday, September 14, 2018, i(x) investments hosted the Friday Finance Roundup at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, CA. The event was a success with a large turnout of leading industry professionals who gathered to discuss the issues surrounding climate change.

We first heard from Keynote speaker Rachel Kyte, CEO of Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) who is also the Special Representative to the UN Secretary General. Rachel discussed Climate and Energy Opportunities, as well as highlighting the intricacies of the Paris Agreement.

The conversation continued with the first panel entitled “Opportunities and Challenges from a Global Investor Perspective.” The discussion was moderated by Fiona Reynolds, CEO of Principles for Responsible Investment.Panelists included Mark Fulton, Chair, Advisory Board, Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners, Sylvain Vanston, Group Sustainable Business Officer, AXA Group, Richard Kauffmann, Chairman of Energy and Finance, Office of the Governor of New York, Monica Scatasta, Head of Climate, Environment and Social Policy, EIB and David Ige, Governor of Hawaii.

Last, but not least, the “Early stage and the New Investment Continuum” panel concluded the event with some notable speakers, including our own President Christine Harada. The panel also included leaders of social impact companies who shared their goals and background. Investment Manager of CalCEF Kenneth Alston discussed the core of what they do, and their partnerships in over 20 countries. Focused on how to transition to becoming a 100% clean energy economy, Alston was excited to share the different partners within China that will work together to find opportunities focused on innovation.

Our President, Christine Harada shared some laughs with the crowd before she discussed the firm’s purpose and mission.

As the conversation shifted to advise for professionals in the audience, Christine Harada shared some words of wisdom for the day discussing the buckets of people and their economic education.

“You really need to focus on the economic message. I trust you all to have the values to be able to figure out how you do it in a way that is in alignment with you and your core values, and your commitment and dedication to ESG and combating climate change tactics,” said Harada.

There were also several exemplary entrepreneurs on the final panel, like Shara Ticku from C16 Biosciences, which is a Greentown Labs member. With a focus on course correction for the troubled palm oil market, C16 creates sustainable bio-based oils that reduce the impact on the environment. Another entrepreneur we enjoyed during the roundup was Solstice Energy Solutions co-founder & CEO, Ugwem I. Eneyo who wowed the audience with her new product, called Shift. Shift helps people who fall into the category of “bad grid cities,” meaning they are only getting 4 to 6 hours of power per day. The product is currently being tested in Nigeria and allows homes and businesses in emerging markets to monitor and manage all of their resources. It was exciting to see how they’re using technology intelligently to better assess what distributive energy can look like.

For those of you who missed the events at the Global Climate Action Summit this year and would like to get involved, you can watch the summit live on the Global Climate Action Summit site as well as learn ways to participate.

We want to thank everyone who came out and joined us at the Friday Finance Roundup to share insights, laughs, and advice from top leaders in the field.

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