Impact investing: Taking action in the climate crisis

November 8, 2019

Interest in and awareness of impact investing is increasing, but converting this interest into action is critical to addressing the numerous issues the world faces. With the recent California wildfires reinforcing the immediacy of the need for action on issues like climate change in particular, it is clear that wanting to solve problems is no longer enough.


When it comes to fighting climate change, it is critical that we take steps to stop emitting CO2. This requires investing capital to develop, accelerate and scale alternative energies as well as to improve the efficiency of our existing systems and infrastructures.


For example, the built environment is currently responsible for close to 40% of all carbon emissions. In addition to ensuring future commercial development is done sustainably, we must work to reduce the emissions of existing buildings. Greening office buildings is just one example of an investable, scalable solution to reduce future emissions.


However, with our environment at tipping point, preventative measures won’t affect change quickly enough to avoid irreversible damage to our environment. Therefore, in addition to investing in technologies that prevent continued emissions, we must also invest in technologies, such as carbon capture technologies, that can mitigate the impact of past emissions. These solutions also need to be scaled widely enough to make a meaningful impact.


In this video, our Co-founder and CEO Trevor Neilson explains that taking action to address climate change from all sides is vital, and outlines the role that impact investing has in this process.


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