Enphys is our partnership with the Latin America Investment Group (LAIG) under the brand Enphys (“Enphys” is a combination of the Greek words energeia (energy) and physis (nature and its evolution)). The combination is meant to represent “The Energy of Nature.” This initiative highlights a tangible example of our strategic focus outlined earlier in this communication.  

We will pursue private and public opportunities with the LAIG team focused on renewables and energy transition in Latin America. There is currently an attractive window of opportunity to invest in the Latin American renewables market, with reasonable valuations, limited competition, and strong deal flow.   

LAIG’s unique deal access, track record, and ability to execute in these specific markets with the long-term goal to build the leading renewables platform in Latin America makes this partnership highly attractive. Our immediate focus is to acquire 1 large and 2-3 mid-market renewables companies in 2021We have strong support from institutions, investment banks and private investors for these efforts. 

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