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How will you use your investments to change the world?

The collective engagement of our investors – who come together to address critical global challenges – is unlike any other investment platform in history.

i(x) is a permanently capitalized holding company for investors that want to create long-term economic growth in combination with social impact.

i(x) invests in critical areas of human need (renewable energy, green real estate development, affordable housing, gender equality, technology and information, waste reduction and food and agriculture) in a multi-strategy investment approach throughout the entire capital structure. Our focus is on companies with proven science and technology with the potential for hyper-growth as well as on mispriced assets. We bring value to our investments with not only capital but also our expertise in creating and measuring social impact.

A New Era for Impact Investing

All investments have the potential for a positive social impact – we need to move away from those that don’t. The research is clear: companies that do good in the world return more profits to their shareholders than their counterparts. i(x) is designed to lead us into the next era in social impact investing.

Avoid Doing Harm – The practice of screening out harmful investments—commonly called Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)—gains traction with the launch of the nonprofit Ceres after the disastrous Exxon Valdez oil spill.
2007 – 2008
Do Some Good – The term impact investing is coined and the Global Impact Investing Network is launched.
Amplify the Rate of Change – With the launch of i(x) investments, investors can now maximize and measure their economic and social returns.

The Creation of Compound Impact

Investors that also want social change should think carefully about the limited nature of funds, which can encourage short-term thinking and therefore limit both profits and social impact.

In business, compound interest can be thought of as interest on top of interest – the way that a principal deposit or investment grows exponentially over time as money is reinvested.

At i(x), the same principal will apply to our social impact, so we’re using the phrase “compound impact”.

Compound impact is the exponential, scaled growth of solutions to global problems, which can happen only when money is invested in a sustained and sustainable way.

Measuring Social Impact

Currently, the world of finance does a poor job of measuring social impact. Impact investors tend to measure social impact broadly, and many finance professionals lack experience in measuring capital that is deployed to create social change.

At i(x) we’re doing things differently. Our partnership with issue experts around the world allows i(x) to measure the social impact of our investors with more rigor than any other impact investing firm.

Issue experts in human need and social change advise i(x) and build custom measurement systems into each portfolio along with systems for monitoring and evaluating rates of change. This effort will be led by our co-founder Howard W. Buffett and will be based on his “social value investing” framework.

i(x) is bringing a new standard to measuring social impact – one that expects catalytic social returns.

The Power of the Network

Every i(x) investor uses the strength of his or her social capital to accelerate the return on i(x) investments. Investors do this by championing one or more of the portfolio companies that align with their personal interests. To this end, i(x) and the investor’s team develop and implement a clearly defined and easily implemented annual plan.

The power of the collective engagement of our investors – coming together to address critical global challenges – is one of our most valuable assets.

This is what makes i(x) unlike any other investment platform in history.

The Potential is Staggering

“From 2012 to 2014, sustainable, responsible, and impact investing enjoyed a growth rate of more than 76 percent, increasing from $3.74 trillion in 2012.”

– US SIF, 2014

“An 18-month study found that only 9 percent of 1,800 retail investors and wealthy individuals surveyed had made impact investments, despite more than half (56 percent) reporting an interest in doing so.”

– Financial Times, 2015

“As of year-end 2013, more than one out of every six dollars under professional management in the United States – $6.57 trillion or more – was invested according to Socially Responsible Investing strategies.”

– US SIF, 2014

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