Will you use your investments to change the world?

i(x) investments is an entrepreneurial, multi-strategy impact investing platform that actively addresses key areas of human need.

We believe the world’s biggest challenges are also the biggest opportunities and that it’s time to align our investments with our values.

Profit with Purpose

i(x) invests in areas of human need.

Renewable Energy Green Real Estate Attainable and Sustainable Tech Enabled Housing Waste to Fuels Carbon to Value Sustainable Food and Agriculture Access to Capital

Our unique holding company structure gives our investors the opportunity to create long-term economic growth and sustained social and environmental impact.  We combine capital with deep expertise in creating and measuring social impact.

“We need to think bigger. We need to embrace the notion that capitalism is one of the most powerful forces on the planet, and if we build and invest in businesses that have an explicit purpose, we can create sustained change on a scale that we’ve only imagined.”

– Trevor Neilson, Co-founder

The i(x) model is simple and unique in the world of finance.

Invest in companies with high potential for sustained social impact and stable cash flow.
Retain earnings to maximize our capital and reinvest - driven by long-term profits and sustained local change.
Accelerate the growth of our platforms through proactive engagement of our management team and investors.
Measure the social impact of investments in ways that no one else has in the field.

Our Team

Steve Oyer
Pär Lindström
Marc Chennault
Paul R. Aaronson
Lindsay Gray
Cole Garvey

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